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From one LSU fan kid to another

Finley’s Chance

By Micah Neese The biggest question on people’s minds, as football rose from the ashes of a pandemic that shut the nation down for months, was what the game experience would look like without the crowds and the celebration. I was privileged with a chance to answer...

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Game Day!

By Micah Neese--- I’d never seen a defense on a college football field look as bewildered and hopeless as LSU’s was last week, but take a look around the SEC last week, a conference renowned for good defense, and you see Florida and Texas A&M each scoring...

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From Week 1 to Week 2

By Micah Neese The Tigers showed a much needed, vast improvement from week 1 to week 2. Many of the most criticized players, positions, and coaches had an outstanding and almost unrecognizable performance. Brennan had a complete game and looked like a more comfortable...

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The Opening Loss

By Micah Neese A season opening loss to Mississippi State was unexpected and unwelcome by LSU. The unexpected came in more ways than just the final result as not even Leach himself could have predicted the success of his offense against the reigning national...

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Mississippi State and LSU

By Micah Neese- Mississippi State has been a work in progress ever since their last push to the No. 1 spot on the AP poll back in 2014, but the hiring of Mike Leach this off season could put them on a steady upswing. Mike Leach is the most established Air Raid coach...

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Football Season is Coming!

By Micah Neese Hello Tiger fans! In a season that will require more out of SEC teams than ever before, LSU remains steadfast in their hopes of turning their one hit wonder year into a lasting legacy. The challenge of dynasties isn’t to stay the same for as long as...

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Football, Covid Style

By Micah Neese We knew decisions couldn’t be held out forever and postponement can only take you so far before cancellation. After stealing months of sports news from us, Corona has made the prospects of the start of a college football season much more exciting. The...

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Burrow and the Bengals

By Micah Neese--- Hello Tiger fans! Joe Burrow was picked first by his home state’s Cincinnati Bengals as everyone had expected. Because of his exceptional year and this transitional moment he deserves a separate written piece from the draft analysis of all fourteen...

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Corona and the Draft

By Micah Neese--- Hello Tiger fans! While Corona has taken away some of the excitement of the afterglow of LSU’s greatest season, the silence of a world on lockdown has also added to the lingering satisfaction for this LSU program. Without any March Madness or NBA...

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Three Broken Toes

By Micah Neese--- Last month, a 70-pound dumbbell fell on my right foot and broke three of my toes. I couldn’t throw the football, run, jump, or do any of the athletic things I used to do. I was bored out of my mind and frustrated by the experience. LSU has seen...

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