By Micah Neese-

Mississippi State has been a work in progress ever since their last push to the No. 1 spot on the AP poll back in 2014, but the hiring of Mike Leach this off season could put them on a steady upswing.

Mike Leach is the most established Air Raid coach in college football. At Washington State last year, he led the most potent passing attack in the nation, after LSU. Under his offense, quarterback, Anthony Gordon averaged 50 more passing yards per game than Joe Burrow. Mississippi State must have intended to create chaos within the SEC when they imported a PAC 12 Air Raid coach. Maybe they got sick of bringing up the back of the SEC West and had to make a drastic change to be able to keep up with Auburn, LSU, Alabama, and Texas A&M: all teams they lost to last year. A bread and butter of short passes and simple pass concepts will be a new look for Mississippi State. We’ll see how they wear the hat on Saturday.

Stanford quarterback transfer and Leach’s newest toy, KJ Costello, followed the coach’s footsteps to the SEC. Costello is a talented quarterback, but with little weaponry around him besides star running back Kylin Hill, it’s hard to gage how dangerous this offense could be. Although, we do know the Air Raid will be a tough test for LSU’s extremely young, extremely talented secondary.

It’s exciting and also nerve wracking to wonder what this new LSU offense can do with new faces under the helmets and up in the box. Will the next generation of Tigers carry the legacy placed upon their backs by a generation of Tiger legends? When there has never been such a complete divide from one year to the next are we going to see some carryover in our success? It comes down to Myles Brennan, and a group of talented, young receivers and running backs, running the Joe Brady scheme without Joe Brady.

I can’t wait to see how we look.