LSU vs Southern Miss

With Leonard Fournette missing one more game so he could heal for the Ole Miss matchup, Derrius Guice put on a show almost as good as last time. (When I say “last time,” I mean two weeks ago.) The first half looked like the old LSU: tons of penalties, not moving the ball, and a lot of punting. The only good play of the first half was a jet sweep to D.J. Chark where he used his track-star speed to get to the edge and follow his blockers for a nineteen yard touchdown. I could not help thinking at halftime how embarrassing it was to be tied 10-10 at half time. I tried to take a break and not think about it while eating some of my mom’s gameday gumbo.

As soon as halftime ended, it was all LSU. The LSU in the second half that we saw was about the most explosive offense I’ve seen from LSU ever. It was big play after big play. We always had our eye on the end zone. Derrius Guice got another two touchdowns on his stat chart. D.J. Chark added another touchdown. This time he turned around a six yard catch to a sixty yard long sprint, beating the fastest corners to the edge. Malachi Dupre, who has been improving every game, also racked up two touchdowns. One was a sixty yard bomb to the end zone and the other was a 23 yarder near the end of the game.

Our defense didn’t allow any more points on the scoreboard for Southern Miss. The defense’s best play was the one where Jamal Adams stripped the ball from Ito Smith and recovered it. Even for an opponent that isn’t really amazing, it’s hard to straight tackle a guy, and then go and recover the ball.

After looking at the box score on ESPN, I realized that we finally may be a second half team again. That was always a key strength in our national championship years (especially under the Nick Saban years). Ole Miss has lost in the second half multiple times this season. I would like to see that happen again tonight!

LSU vs Ole Miss

This game will probably go to triple overtime so get ready to stay up late. As always, I think LSU will win especially since it’s in Death Valley. My prediction is 28-21 OT. This rivalry has never been an easy win for either team, and it always comes down to the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. This game might just come down to a crazy punt return with seven minutes to go and then a goal line stand at the end (sound familiar…circa 1959). Ole Miss has one of the best passing offenses in the nation but a not so good run game. A couple of Beckwith hits might scare away the run game so we can focus on their passing attack. It will be a challenge for our defense but I can still just picture Chad Kelly running away from Arden key and throwing picks to T.D. White. Despite the score I already predicted, I think we might hold them to only one or two touchdowns. As for our offense vs. their defense, I think we should manage to put decent points up since we’ll have a healthy Fournette and their defense is one of the worst in the SEC. If we just played like we did vs. Southern Miss in the second half, spreading the ball to tight ends and several wide receivers, and opening our playbook with wide receiver screens to Dural and jet sweeps to D.J. Chark, we will win. Geaux Tigers!

2016 LSU Football – Ole Miss Week from LSU Football on Vimeo.