Hello Tiger fans! This is the closest spread we’ve seen all season and undoubtedly the toughest defense we’ll see this year. This is already a heavily anticipated SEC championship as it features two top four teams. One will have to fall. I’m excited to see what Burrow and this LSU team will do on a big stage in Atlanta.

LSU has played plenty of good defenses this season and each time you put a stronger defense in front of them they kept scoring just like they had the week before. It almost seemed like the level of defense was irrelevant to this offense that knew only one speed. That was true until we faced Auburn, a team with similar strengths to Georgia. Their defensive line gave us fits through the whole game and slowed our offense down a few miles per hour in every aspect. With much less time in the pocket LSU was forced to become more patient, relying on short gains. Instead of 50 points LSU came away with 30 first downs. Georgia also has a defensive line featuring future NFL studs. If they can force LSU to be as patient and slow as they were against Auburn, they could give themselves their only shot at winning; holding LSU to under 30 points for the second time this season. That’s a long shot.

It is rare for a team with such a clear weakness to be so highly valued, but despite rarely scoring into the 30s, this Georgia team has remained in the top four with a loss to South Carolina. This is a chance for LSU to win convincingly in the postseason. Orgeron said and we all know that we haven’t gotten nearly the best of our defense. Last Saturday was as close as it’s come all season against a Texas A&M team that averages about the same number of points per game as the Bulldogs. Georgia runs the ball nearly 60% of the time which is by far the most of any team in the top five. In fact, despite having more total plays than most teams, they have the 76th most passing attempts in the FBS. Unfortunately for Georgia, they will be running right into our teeth. The closest thing we’ve seen to Georgia was Georgia Southern in week 1 and you witnessed how Dave Aranda was able to dominant a one-dimensional offense. Unless they can establish a threatening passing attack even without their best receivers, Cager (out for the season) and Pickens (suspended for first half), they will let Aranda attack the run as aggressively as he wants; a dangerous proposition for a struggling offense.

LSU can win this one big and expose an incomplete Georgia team. I want to regain the No. 1 spot going into the playoffs. We are THE most complete team in college football.