Hello Tiger fans! Before we look more at the LSU football team now preparing for the 2019 season (as the first contact practices are beginning) we need to address and congratulate some older Tigers.

First off, about the most recent Tigers to hang up their jerseys. The scouting combines and pro days have passed and left many LSU players invited with an advantage. Specifically, Greedy Williams and Devin White. They both showed tremendous athleticism and I was very proud to have watched them through their time at LSU. Devin White ran a freakish 4.42 in the 40-yard dash, far and away the best linebacker time. So amazing was it that he couldn’t keep his emotions in afterwards while talking to his mom. Players put in so much work to show the scouts at the combine their best and it feels great to see your boy from LSU put on his best on his way to the next level. On top of that, Devin White continued to jump 39.5 inches high, and although he excelled through all his position specific workouts, my biggest highlight was his bench press. White bench pressed a remarkable 225 pounds but that is irrelevant compared to the twenty reps that he was able to crank out even as his spotter yelled at him to stop through the last ten! It was incredible to see the fire in his eyes on his last reps. His spotter would yell at him to stop and he would passionately shake his head no and go on to do a few more. This repeated four times! What an undeniable beast! Greedy Williams also put on a show, running a blazing hot 4.38 which was only a few hundredths of a second behind the fastest cornerback time.

In the NFL there is some big news for LSU fans who miss the days of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. The Browns have signed OBJ to their quickly rebuilding franchise, and he will once again be playing along his former teammate, Jarvis Landry. Also, as free agency climaxed Tyrann Mathieu signed with the Super Bowl prone Chiefs. Personally, I thought he was a better fit with the Texans who also signed Bradley Roby to their secondary. But I would love to see my favorite LSU legend win his first Super Bowl.

Lastly, this is an uncharacteristic topic for me to write about but as football is cooling down a little bit, basketball is heating up and best of all; LSU is at the front of it for the first time in at least a decade. Unfortunately, Will Wade, the single character that turned this program around is out for the tournament because of some recruiting scandals that came up. Also, you may remember that earlier in the season Wayde Sims was killed in a shooting to that shocked the team. This senseless act of violence became a call to action for the team. Throughout the whole season this team played with an animosity and energy that other teams couldn’t match. This team’s best asset is making opportunities for themselves all over the court and I don’t see anybody slowing them down anytime soon. Even without our coach we won the SEC championship for the first time in exactly ten years and hopefully we will continue to play up through the tournament.

I don’t usually talk about basketball so I’d like to relate this briefing back to the bigger picture. With LSU’s basketball team doing wonders, the baseball team dominating (so I hear), the really solid 2019 class for football, and the LSU alumni making the program look good in the pros, this program couldn’t be prouder. Each of LSU’s teams play to represent LSU and they’re doing a great job.

It’s a great time to be a Tiger!