5 Reasons Why I Won’t Watch the Game This Saturday

  1. I am so frustrated with our loss to Alabama that I don’t think I’ve wound down enough to watch another LSU football game.
  2. Almost no matter what happens, LSU is once again kicked out of playoff contention by Alabama. If this truly was the year that we should’ve finally gone all the way, why shouldn’t I give up?
  3. From here on out, there is nothing on our schedule that could help us or hurt us because Alabama already clinched the SEC West.
  4. Even if we play phenomenal, we still know that we’re only the No. 2 team in the SEC West. We can’t prove anything anymore.
  5. It feels like a natural ending to the season.

5 Reasons Why I WILL Watch the Game This Saturday

  1. I’ve always watched LSU play no matter the weather. We have to stay loyal.
  2. I have to learn to put this loss behind me because we can still do great things with this season. If we win out, a sugar bowl and an 11-win season could be on the horizon.
  3. We just can’t give up on this strong of an LSU team that could remain intact next year. I’ve gone seven years without giving up on an LSU team and I have to remain confident about next year.
  4. We can continue to assert our dominance over the SEC West with road wins over Arkansas and Texas A&M. I’m genuinely excited to see LSU truly angry.
  5. We need to take all the control we still have after a devastating loss. We can’t let Alabama control our destiny. If we let Alabama be a dream-breaker we’ll break a lot of other dreams too (Sugar Bowl).

Cheers to our first New Year’s Six Bowl since 2011!