LSU has had some recent shakeups on our 2016 roster. I take the news of transfers hard at first but like always I convince myself everything is going to work out for the better.

In most minds (including mine), Brandon Harris will begin and finish the season as a starter. In 2014, when Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris were throwing interceptions and making bad decisions against little tiny teams like New Mexico State, it would have been a good idea to transfer to LSU if you were a quarterback. But Brandon Harris proved himself last year, and that’s why Anthony Jennings left to play for the RAGIN CAJUNS. He didn’t feel like there was room on the team for the both of them. He was right.

*Will Anthony Jennings leaving have an Effect?

Like I said, I believe Brandon Harris will take the team far this year. I can’t imagine him just flopping out and LSU requiring a backup quarterback. However, if you asked me to rank college quarterbacks most likely to get injured, I would rank Brandon Harris number one. I’ve never seen any other quarterback treat every run like a situation where he’s supposed to be a running back that has to score. I appreciate him not sliding, and going for extra yardage. However, when you have Leonard Fournette in your backfield, you don’t need a quarterback that can truck line backers and bust through the line. I can picture Brandon Harris breaking his leg while going for extra yardage. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen but he plays a risky game. With Anthony Jennings gone, Danny Etling is most likely LSU’s second string quarterback. I don’t know much about Danny Etling other than that he transferred from Purdue, and sometimes transfers work in our favor.

*What Will the Effect be of Losing Trey Quinn and John Diarse?

I think both of these wide receivers should have left. It’s not that I don’t like them; I really enjoyed having them on the team. LSU just has too many great wide receivers like Tyron Johnson, Malachi Dupre, D.J. Chark, Travin Dural, Dee Anderson, and Stephen Sullivan. Wide receivers as talented as Trey Quinn and John Diarse should not be on the bench. I’m sure it was a tough decision for both of these guys to transfer but John Diarse will be a lot better at TCU and the same for Trey Quinn at SMU. I wish them luck and lots of playing time.