The new football season is so close yet the news is mostly closed off as teams prepare to face each other’s new offensive schemes. So how do I shape all this baseless hype into something informative to the upcoming season? Maybe a little something from the past  will show us what needs to happen in the shining upcoming season. I will organize this series into a few virtues that have showed themselves in the past and will again in the future.

“the will to win is important but the will to prepare is vital” -Joe Paterno

By far, the best game LSU played last year was against the Georgia Bulldogs. It was a huge win against the reigning SEC champs. When game day came along we were ready for their every move on offense. The usual unstoppable running back tandem was slowed to 113 yards and we were the ones to surprise by blitzing and also clutching up in coverage. We hit quick passes to wideouts but tight ends and running backs too, differing from the week before when the blitz got our offense in quicksand. When Georgia lined up to kick that field goal our whole defense knew what was going on and Grant Delpit shoved that trickery right back behind the line of scrimmage and took the ball too. Everybody in that stadium knew then that LSU was prepared and in control. We showed a full hand and pulled out all kinds of packages . (Remember, the wild cat against Alabama two years ago?) Great teams know what they’re doing every play against every team. We need to bring that to Texas A&M, Florida, and Mississippi State, all the teams that trip us up offensively and expose our lack of preparedness. This year, I want to expect an offense that goes out there and knows exactly what to do every time.

Cheers to knowing how to stop, move the ball, and attack Georgia Southern!