Today we’ll continue onto our last article of the series about the greatest players to ever wear the number seven. So far we’ve done Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu, so I bet you can guess who we are going to talk about today. The one and only, Leonard Fournette.

In my opinion, and those of countless others, Leonard Fournette is the best running back college football has seen since Bo Jackson and Hershel Walker. Fournette is a rare combination of size and speed as good or better than those gridiron legends.

Leonard Fournette has been an unbelievable athlete since the day he could walk. He was the star of every youth football team for which he played. When he was only twelve, parents of other youth football players in his league tried to sign a petition to ban him from playing. He was so good that it was unfair for him to play at all. At age thirteen, he was already practicing with St. Augustine High School football players. Some of those older St. Augustine players would be future NFL stars like Tyrann Mathieu. Rumor has it that when Leonard Fournette was only thirteen, and Tyrann Mathieu was a senior in high school preparing to be a legend at LSU, in a drill, Leonard Fournette trucked Tyrann Mathieu.

Fournette’s childhood had serious trials. When he was only ten, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. His family had to evacuate to Texas like many others. At the end of his high school years, he was the best running back in the nation. So it was like early Christmas when Leonard Fournette put on that LSU hat in the high school All-American bowl to show he was coming to LSU. Right around the time he graduated, he became a father and his daughter has been the apple of his eye ever since. Almost every game is dedicated to her. (My Mom made me promise to include her response to this, that “bad decisions that lead to lasting consequences have to be met with lasting responsibilities.”)

Most of you have seen with your own eyes how amazing he played at LSU, and most of you can agree that it’s beyond words his insane athleticism. He bursts through the line in the blink of an eye and he’s gone unless you are dumb enough to get in front of him and try to take him down single handedly. We’ve seen how that usually ends up, with other players flat on their back and their feet in the air. That’s called getting “trucked”. There is no possible way someone can be that big and that fast but yet he is. Even though he hasn’t even been drafted yet, I know he will be the best running back in the NFL by far. When he’s making millions in the NFL I’m sure he’ll have no problems affording “sushi dates” every night with his daughter. Since 2008 the number seven has been carried by the best player. Now in 2017 it was recently announced that our best wide receiver D.J Chark will get to wear it. He better live up to the legend!

Geaux Tigers!!

P.S. Leonard Fournette has recently signed with Under Armour and new ‘Buga Nation’ shoes are coming out soon! I don’t usually care for nice and expensive shoes, but when they’re Leonard Fournette’s and they are purple & gold, well that’s a different story.

Trivia Question: What is the name of Leonard Fournette’s daughter?