Hello Tiger fans! Tiger nation slept a little better after Saturday night’s win at home and there is less doubt in any fan’s mind that we’re right where we belong, headed into the last game of the season.

LSU was helped by this Arkansas’ offense that lived up to every expectation to be a terrible mess. The two razorback quarterbacks each had a sub-30 passer rating on the night. That algorithm doesn’t even include mistakes like running out of bounds or sliding before the first down markers on third down and missing a target by several yards. LSU’s defense got the chance they needed to look dominant. They were in the backfield all night creating 3 sacks and 11 tackles for loss. Because they were so unimpressive passing the ball down the field our linebackers and safeties were able to play their most aggressive, natural game. Jacobe Stevens had 3 sacks from his safety position and Jacob Phillips and Patrick Queen celebrating after a tackle for loss became a common sight to the espn cameras. Our defensive line manhandled the depleted Arkansas offensive front. By winning that battle we really ensured they couldn’t have productivity anywhere else. There were a couple 50-50 deep balls that they caught because Mo Hampton is a few inches shorter and a couple years younger than the injured Delpit. This was the performance I needed from an LSU defense that left a lot to prove as No. 1 after giving up 600 yards to Ole Miss in week 10.

It’s not quite the end of the season, but there aren’t many single-season records left to break after the grey box in the bottom left corner, the one that comes up on the TV screen when a record is broken, never seemed to leave. We managed to find our groove after punting twice in the first quarter and got Brennan in halfway through the third quarter with a comfortable, 49-6, lead. Our rushing game took off in the second half when we started playing more conservative. Edwards-Helaire and Emery broke off career long touchdown runs. This has forced me to rethink Emery’s situation. He was deservedly ranked No. 1 in Louisiana coming out of high school, but hasn’t been as utilized because his running style is so similar to the veteran Edwards-Helaire while Davis-Price is more ground and pound. Both of these freshmen have flashed tremendous talent this season and are already a threat to score anytime they have the ball. This program will be on the rise for years to come thanks to all the recruiting that is already paying off.

This season has been the greatest miracle I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve enjoyed watching these Tigers each week so much. I’m already getting a that the season is almost over. Don’t wish it away y’all.