Lately there has been a lot of talk about Derek Stingley and the 2019 Louisiana class that has coaches from across the nation drooling. With only two days until his final decision on June 20th I can’t help but listen. Right now, it looks as though he’ll be going with LSU but who knows what he’ll be thinking tomorrow.

Before we jump into the whirlpool of confusion about his final decision we should take a moment to gloss over exactly why we are all going to be standing in front of our TV at 1:30 on Wednesday when he makes his announcement.

The obvious reasons are that he’s a cornerback and LSU has been in need of a reliable cornerback. He’ll add immediate depth and leadership to a group of defenders who need it. “Immediate” is always the most important word in Tiger Town. Also, he’s the best 2019 prospect in the nation according to rivals. His athletic features are insane. He runs a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash, the fastest time of any high school cornerback. He has a freakish vertical jump of 42 inches. He’ll bring back the unbelievable athleticism that LSU is accustomed to.

The more strategic purposes would be that getting him on board at LSU will likely create a domino effect for many other prospects. Also, he’s a Louisiana prospect and everyone knows it. If Orgeron can lock him in, he’ll rebuild the fence around Louisiana. Now you can see what a big event this is.