Hello Tiger fans! With the draft and the spring game far behind us and not a whole lot directly in front of us, I think I should take this dead space and use it to analyze game two of the 2018 season. You may remember the season opener article from several weeks back that opened up this series. I know this is really early (100 days) but you know I get antsy for football season. This is my way of filling the time until the next human-interest story hits me or until we get some stunning and unexpected news like a quarterback changeup.


I can’t say that I’m too worried about this team, but if we don’t keep our head up it might not come as easily as expected as in some cases last year, (cough, cough: Troy). After we cut our teeth against Miami, I think this one should be a big time blowout. Although, I have the optimism of a child, and despite some traumatic experiences from being an LSU fan, I still see the greatest and best potential in every situation. That’s why I need facts and stats to support my big time blowout prediction. Here are some numbers, facts, and opinions that will convince you or do the opposite to cynics…

-Our average man out-weighs them in the trenches 312 to 301 pounds. I did that math myself since I have to practice finding the mean in data before our sixth grade standardized tests come.

-The Lions averaged 34 points per game! LSU only averaged 25 points which is 81st in the country. Keep in mind that the biggest most threatening team that the Lions played last year was Nicholls State, but even when you’re a no-name football school in a no-name football conference, 34 points is still really phenomenal.

-Their rushing attack last year was pretty incredible. At one point they averaged 291 yards per game! Their leading rusher, 5’8” and 160 lbs. Marcus Cooper, averaged 11.2 yards per carry. Dave Aranda is sure to keep an eye on him.

-Lorenzo Nunez, their starting quarterback, is not to be underestimated. If he were surrounded with elite power 5 weapons, I believe he would be able to compete in the SEC. In fact, I know he could compete in the SEC because a couple years ago he played for the South Carolina Gamecocks. He is a dual-threat, but after scheming on Malik Rosier, I think LSU will be ready for him.

-Their defense lost all of their top seven tacklers and everyone who made an interception. It will be a tough rebound, but I have heard from a few sources that the defense had an excellent Spring game.

-They are an FCS team. Their own quarterback had never even heard of them before his transfer.

This isn’t the make or break game; this isn’t the homecoming game; this isn’t the game that creates nervous buzz around campus. This should be an easy win, so let’s take advantage!