Hello Tiger Fans! This is a post that I’m truly excited about. I must admit, drooling on about the Southeastern Louisiana Lions (with all due respect) didn’t quite get my adrenaline running like it would if I was dissecting the famed matchup between LSU and Auburn. I bet you can guess which game we’ll be discussing today. Yep, the LSU Tigers vs. Auburn Tigers.

I’m sure the simple two words, “Auburn Tigers,” trigger a handful of memories for every LSU fan. The comeback last year and the last millisecond confusion of the year before are just recent contributors to this rivalry. Some people think this will be like an alarm clock too early in the season. I say, why wait? Bring it on!

Auburn’s defense will be the difference maker in this game and that’s a fact that us LSU fans will have to live with. Their defensive squad is one of the most experienced in the nation, with a total of eight returning starters. Remember last year when studs like Dontavious Russell and Derrick Brown made big plays non-stop inside the trenches, holding even the national champions to no more than 14 points? That’s one heck of a returning defense.

As will be custom for many games this season, the most important matchup is between the WRs (LSU) and the CBs (opponent). Unfortunately for the Bayou Bengals, the sixth fastest man in college football is on the other side of the ball playing a lockdown corner role, most likely against Jonathan Giles.

The biggest thing LSU can do is execute smart plays and create opportunities for some of our playmakers. Because putting our head down and trying to barrel right down the middle, through Auburn’s mean four man rush, isn’t going to cut it.
You probably remember that the most impressive part of the 2017 comeback is how mercilessly the Purple and Gold defense put the brakes on Jerrett Stidham. I’ll remind you that last year Stidham became the first Auburn quarterback of the century to surpass 3,000 throwing yards so holding him to less than 200 was remarkable. If we can eliminate Auburn wide receiver Darius Stainley (No. 12 fastest player in college football) from being a big downfield target, we can minimize their scoring ability. I’m sure, provided the fact that Auburn is destined to have a mediocre rush game, Dave Aranda will maximize support in the deep passing game. Even still, we might be missing Donte Jackson.

This is most likely the biggest game of the season (save Alabama). Let’s do this one right! Hopefully the Bayou Bengals will be ready to wake up before the alarm clock. After all, we’re pretty used to hearing that alarm clock sound early in the season chanting “real football team.”