Hello Tiger fans. As LSU basketball comes to a dramatic close and the past year starts to dissolve as Benford and Naz Reid soon make decisions to leave the program, we can’t be too sad because the annual Spring game is only a few days away. If there is anything to pick you up out of a March Madness end, it’s football. I always think of the Spring game as a little taste of the next year and a consolation prize for the last year. It’s one more thing to get you through a long offseason. In the past few years, the spring game has carried a special significance as LSU football has gone through several dramatic changes in style, coaching, and personnel. This year the aspect that has every fan drooling to see is the Joe Brady RPO offense that LSU hopes to weaponize through the 2019 season.

From Cam Cameron to Matt Canada, LSU became a smarter more energetic offense. From the abrupt departure of Canada to the hiring of Ensminger, LSU found a passing game and revitalized their offense in the SEC. This year our offensive coaching staff has added a new weapon in 29-year-old passing coordinator, Joe Brady. Brady looks to bring some of the explosive Saints offense from New Orleans up to Baton Rouge in the form of an RPO. Undoubtedly, if you check LSU sports news very often, you’ve heard the hype surrounding this new offense. It’s a breed of the old-school option offense that many high-schools can run so well and a newer West Coast offense nourished through quick passes for small to medium yardage. You’ll recall the trouble LSU faced with getting an intermediate passing game going only a couple years ago. Now that will be the bread and butter, and if LSU can perfect this new plan, I think we have the perfect personnel to pull it off.

That was the ‘P’ part of it but the other piece of the RPO is the run option which is just as vital to open up that part of the field. We saw in bits and pieces last year the athleticism of Joe Burrow. Now, when he has an option to tuck it and go on every play, I’m sure that piece of Burrow’s talent will be showcased. Even when he’s not tucking and running, the threat of that will give our running backs enough open space to make it to the secondary where the likes of Chris Curry and Clyde Edwards-Helaire will be able to do the most damage.

This is going to be all the more exciting to see against one of the most adaptive defenses in college football. How will Aranda handle his team’s own offense?

There are so many questions waiting to be answered as LSU prepares to showcase what another three months of harsh change has brought to their team. We can’t wait to see what they have ready for us. Whatever they have added, I know that when the curtains close we will be ready for September, 7th. GEAUX TIGERS!