I’m going to make some predictions for each game this season. I know that there is pretty much nothing to write about. It’s like NFL network when it’s the off season; all they can do is make predictions and show replay games. As for now, I’ll post at least every two or three weeks. As we move into the season, you’ll see me post every week or more.

First, I want to simply recap our 2015 season. Leonard Fournette was expecting the Heisman; we were ranked number two; and we were undefeated for the first seven games. I was starting to think National Championship. Then the tide turned. We had a terrible three game losing streak. Coach Les Miles job was on the line. Derrick Henry took our Heisman hopes. Thankfully, we ended on a positive note. We beat Texas A&M, saving Les’s job. (With all those “Les is More” posters, I can’t imagine the fans letting him go under any condition.) We went on to destroy Texas Tech in the bowl game. Our defense brought the pressure, and Leonard had an outstanding game.

Alright, now I’m going to go through all the games in the 2016 schedule and explain why we will win or why we will dominate each one. I’m too optimistic to predict any loses. Code: If I say “barely win,” that means loose.

*Away, Wisconsin. W 14-42
If we beat Wisconsin in 2013 with no Leonard Fournette and a younger defense, I’m sure we can destroy them this year, especially now that we don’t have to worry about their old running back Melvin Gordon III.

*Home, Jacksonville State. W 21-35
You may think this is an easy win for us, but I actually think Jacksonville will be a dark horse this year. Do you remember last year when Auburn had to go to overtime with them? Jacksonville has talented players and a stellar coach. I’m a huge fan of their coach. He’s a strong Christian with an amazing reputation. I don’t necessarily think they can win, but I do think they can put up a fight and embarrass LSU.

*Home, Mississippi State. W 21-35
Jacksonville and Wisconsin are good warmups to get us ready for SEC teams. I didn’t see Mississippi State having any good recruits this year. Oak Prescott is gone so I don’t think they’ll be any better this year than last year. We might not dominate, but I don’t think they can get too close. With no star players, I don’t think they have much of a chance. However, I don’t disregard SEC teams easily.

Coach Les has said he is giving extra time and attention to our passing. If he holds true to his word, we should have the passing game down enough so that we won’t see the whole team stacking the box while they are on defense.
*Away, Auburn. W 21-31
I think Jeremy Johnson is going to be a lot better this year, not Heisman level, but good, just like Brandon Harris. Brandon and Jeremy are both fast and have strong arms that throw far. During Brandon’s first year, he did everything well. He was just young and not as accurate as he should be now. Brandon led us nicely last year and I’m expecting Auburn’s quarterback to do the same. Just because they have a quarterback as good as ours doesn’t mean they have a Leonard Fournette, or a strong defense. They will be just a notch more of a challenge than Mississippi State.

*Home, Missouri. W 14-35
I’ve never seen LSU play Mizzou so I can’t compare it to last time like most SEC teams. Even though they are an SEC team, there is a difference between SEC West and SEC East. Mizzou hasn’t had any standouts or been top five for three years. I heard they’re tough but not Superman. By this time, LSU should be getting confidence and experience. I think this should be an easy win.

*Away, Florida. W 28-38
Florida is one of the only SEC East teams that I consider an excellent team. They have won titles and beat LSU a few times. They were pretty good last year and I picture them putting up a fight again. I think that for the third year in a row it will be exciting and close, but we’ll be eating gatormeat at the end.

*Home, Southern Miss. W 0-56
I don’t really have much to say when our team has confidence, experience, and talent and we are going against a super easy team. What would you expect but 250 yards rushing?

*Home, Ole Miss. W 10-14
We are getting to the core of the season, the final and most challenging part of a big obstacle course, when we play four of our biggest rivals: Bama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Texas A&M. Remember this is where we stumbled last year. Ole Miss is a big time challenge. For the last two years, I’ve depended on them to beat Bama when LSU couldn’t. I think we will win, but there is a big chance that we could lose. I think this will be a lot like 2013, a close game that the fourth quarter decides with deafening noise in Death Valley.

*Home, Alabama. W 7-10
First of all, I want to make something clear. If Bama wins, for like the seventh time, I’m going to fast and skip school every day to mourn. Nobody is going to see me post anything for at least a week. The stakes are high. It’s really a fifty/fifty chance. It’s going to be two top five teams, just like last year, battling for a possible trip to the SEC title. LSU hasn’t lost anybody big, but they have gained a lot since last year.

*Away, Arkansas. W 7-13
It’s basically the same situation with Arkansas as Bama. I really think that if LSU played as well in the first half as in the second half we would have won last year. I know this will be a tight battle for the boot. I haven’t seen LSU win that gorgeous trophy in two years, and I’m desperate. I’ll go to bed crying if we lose for a third time.

*Home, South Alabama. W 0-63
This game is the same deal as Southern Miss. If we beat Alabama and Arkansas, we are going into this game with a potential Heisman candidate in Leonard. Our confidence will be so high that I went ahead and even added one touchdown more than our win over Southern Miss.

*Away, Texas A&M. W 0-21
This game should be easy. If Texas A&M has two losses or more than even if we lose we can go to the SEC title. This should go just like last year. So if you want to see what’s going to happen, watch last year’s game, and add more TDs by Leonard! This time hopefully Les Miles’s job won’t be on the line.

The only games left are the SEC title and college football playoff, and as I said before I’m super optimistic so in my mind we have already won both of them!