Hello Tiger fans! Two very similar teams with a long history will go head to head this Saturday afternoon. Both teams beat off a top ten team in the opening week and then followed it with a demolition of a lesser foe. Both teams have elite defenses. Both teams are at the top of the SEC in turnover margin and sacks. Both teams are at an average of 13.5 points in the second half. Both teams go into this game with a lot of memories, some good and some bad. Both teams are very excited to play this game!

Many people will be watching the LSU and Auburn game. As one of two top fifteen matchups, this game already has the hype that it’s used to but in week 3 there is a lot still to be proven. LSU has gotten some attention but they desperately need this win to secure themselves as playoff contenders.

To turn this game into a ‘W,’ the passing game has to break through because the type of play-calling from last Saturday won’t get off the line of scrimmage against Auburn’s rush defense. Auburn has held opponents to an average of 74 yards. Running should be a last resort or used in certain scenarios that would avoid running straight into the monster’s mouth.

You know what else will keep us behind the line of scrimmage? The pass protection we saw last Saturday. LSU and Auburn are tied for most sacks (nine each). We have to protect Burrow, if we expect anything from him.

While LSU and Auburn both have held their opponents to 74 rushing yards per game, Auburn allowed Jake Browning, in week one, to pass for 296 yards, a mark LSU has yet to surpass this year. That’s what a smart quarterback with a strong offensive line can give you. Let’s be that.

We have had some quick peaks at what the passing game could be like, but we have to put that on a consistent level against Auburn. The offense is there if we use it, and the weapons are there if we use them.

Auburn has a strong running game, but nobody runs over LSU. Either way, a consistent ground game is nothing compared to several deep catches. They have some receivers that can beat us over the top and a few long completions could be devastating. If Stidham, one of the better quarterbacks in college football, can get it off before our angry defensive front can get to him, and the receiver beats the safety, that’s a big play that we can’t afford in a game like this. Auburn loves the big play.

Plan for beating No. 7 Auburn: Stop the big play and find a reliable passing game.

We’ve seen the Earthquake Game, the Night the Barn Burned, the Can’t See Me Game, and most recently The Rally In The Valley. I can’t wait to see what the newest addition holds!


Here’s a great hype video from last year’s Tiger Bowl!