The Bama dynasty has finally fallen. The game made me happier than some LSU wins. In the beginning, it looked like the typical national championship game against Alabama. Alabama was poised to pull ahead fast with big plays and force Clemson’s defense on the field for long periods of time until they were out of the game.

It was 14-0 in the first half. In both touchdowns, Bo Scarbrough broke free and dodged a few tackles. It looked like Alabama wouldn’t need to throw a single pass the whole game. Thanks to a big play that broke Clemson out of its demoralizing funk, as well as Deshaun Watson’s pinpoint accuracy, Clemson was able to cap off a long drive by tip toeing its all-world quarterback into the end zone with insane balance right before half time.

I watched the game with my dad, two neighbors (big time LSU fans), and a friend from school who roots for Clemson. At halftime, we weren’t feeling great about the game but still had hope. My dad took off his orange tuxedo jacket that he was wearing over his purple shirt. We don’t own Clemson gear but we sported what we had in orange and purple.

When the game came back on, one minute into the second half, Alabama linebacker Ryan Anderson was stripping the ball from Wayne Gallman and picking it up to return it. In the past championship games against Alabama, this is where they get a defensive touchdown, get there offense going a little, and never look back. Thankfully he was tackled almost right away, and Clemson’s defense held them to a field goal. I have to admit as optimistic as I am, even I was starting to doubt.

Five minutes later Deshaun Watson worked his way down a short field for almost the first time of the night, and sliced a pass to Hunter Renfrow, one of the most sure handed wide receivers in college football, who broke one or two tackles on the way to the end zone to keep Clemson in the game.

At the end of the third quarter though Jalen Hurts saw O.J. Howard wide open because of a busted coverage and threw a 68 yard touchdown. I knew that for Clemson to take the lead they needed to stop just being lured along by Alabama. A minute into the fourth quarter, Clemson scored a four yard pass to Mike Williams to be within striking distance. It made me feel a lot more optimistic knowing that it was only a three point game. Ten minutes later Clemson scored again on a one yard run by Wayne Gallman to take their first lead of the night.

Me and my dad were on our feet again and cheering as loud as any Clemson fan within a mile (which is a lot). All Clemson had to do was stop Alabama for four minutes but since Alabama had one of the best two minute drills in the nation they scored, on a run by Jalen Hurts that gave me dejavu of the touchdown Jalen Hurts ran vs. LSU in the fourth quarter. I also got dejavu of the two minute drill Alabama ran vs. LSU back when we had Anthony Jennings.

I started dancing around because I was so nervous. On Clemson’s next drive they slowly worked their way into the ten yard line thanks to a super human catch by Mike Williams. Two plays later, there on the two yard line, Deshaun Watson was rolling out and threw it into Hunter Renfrow’s sure hands for a touchdown with one second left on the clock. Clemson won. It chaos all over South Carolina!

It was one of the most beautiful things seeing Nick Saban throw his headset and walk off the field. We stayed up until 1:00am on a school night watching the postgame show in purple and orange confetti rain. Lamar Jackson may have won the Heisman trophy, but I think Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback in the country.

The only possible way it could have been better is if it were purple and gold confetti rain. Maybe next year, or in my mind, definitely next year. Now, excuse me a second, I gotta go collect my 6 dollars!