I’m heading down to Orlando to see the game now. I am more excited than I ever remember being. This is a dream come true. We are going to spend the next few days at my grandma’s house in Orlando with cousins from Louisiana and I am going to the game with my dad and uncle.

Every LSU fan knows that this bowl game will be a close match against a Heisman winner quarterback on one side of the ball. On the other side is a stout eleventh ranked defense and our shifty running back Derrius Guice who I am expecting to have a field day in the spotlight. Even though Louisville is not the caliber of rivalry like our other SEC East opponents, Louisville and LSU are by no means friends going into this game. They have a bit of baggage. Bobby Petrino (Louisville’s coach) used to coach at Arkansas. I am sure he has memories from 2011 when he ran across the field cussing at Les Miles. In the final seconds of a blowout win, instead of running out the clock and ending the game, LSU kicked a field goal to run up the score even more.

I expect that our defensive line will go crazy for this game. Louisville, against its last two opponents, got sacked eleven times. That was versus Kentucky and Houston so imagine what would happened if they took on a hungry LSU defensive line. They may not put a point on the board.

LSU finally finished their offensive coach search taking in Pittsburgh offensive mastermind Matt Canada. Under Canada, Pitt averaged 44 points per game and don’t try to say they haven’t played a good defense. They took on Clemson’s stellar defense and put 42 points on the board for a victory. The new era of LSU begins. Geaux Tigers!