By Micah Neese

Our schedule for the next few weeks is a walk, but we can build on these great performances give the nation more reason to believe the hype. This week our opponent is Northwestern State.

They are a struggling Southland Conference team, but they have a nice quarterback with a head for the game. This could provide the biggest opportunity for our pass rush after a lackluster performance against Texas where we decided to close lanes off instead of running like a mad man at the quarterback, which is what I want to see our D-line doing today. Unfortunately, our biggest pass rusher, K’lavon Chaisson, will be out this week for a minor injury. I also want to see our full defensive back rotation after seeing the trouble we had when Fulton went out and we had Flott come in and try to lockdown Colin Johnson. Getting all those guys game experience today could do a world of good for us.

You won’t hear me say this a lot this year, but I’m saying it full heartedly right now; I want to see number nine as little as possible and the two freshman running backs, Davis-Price and Emery, as much as possible. Back-ups are going to be the most exciting factor today. I know I’m excited to see a lot of young names on the field making things happen. This is the game that Emery breaks a long run, Stingley returns a punt, Jarrel Cherry gets a sack, and Myles Brennan manipulates the defense. We love to see new acts. The talent difference should still be obvious even with our young bucks in there, and our offense should be at full effect for 60 minutes. We’ll see if Brennan is a valid field general for our attack, and if we can keep it going without Burrow. LSU has so much talent to breed with experience. This game is an investment in the long run.

Championship teams are hungry to their core and I need that aggression down to the last string player. The worst case-scenario is that we recede after a big performance against the Longhorns and play sloppy football. We should be as crisp and focused as we were against Georgia Southern. We’re a much stronger team. I don’t want to see us playing down today. Scheme, attitude, and aggression are at their best.