By Micah Neese—

LSU has made it’s hire for defensive coordinator. We’ve seen LSU make the wrong hire and the perfect one. A few years ago Matt Canada was not the right fit for LSU, but it didn’t take long to find the right one in Joe Brady and Steve Ensminger. It’s hard to tell sometimes which candidate can work well with LSU and produce success. Historically, LSU has most consistently been great on defense. That legacy will look to continue with a little bit of old and new. The man is Bo Pelini.

Bo has won a championship with LSU before, but that was in another era. We’ll have to see if Bo can prove himself in an era of explosive offenses and shootouts. Bo was a good hire, but only he can verify if he is a great hire.

It looks like keeping up with the times in 2020 and bringing in the right personnel to fight pass heavy offenses might be a little harder for Bo. The smartest thing seems to be switching back from a 3-4 to a 4-3 to cope with the loss of our 4 starting linebackers and to better utilize our depth in the middle with Tyler Shelvin, Neil Farrell, and Glen Logan returning. Those bigs in the middle either need them to become more athletic monsters that can create a game changing pass rush or we need to play our young linebackers and stay light and quick. Whatever happens, understand that Pelini is thrown into quite a situation despite going to the reigning champion team. He will have to make a lot of decisions on what we will do to compete for a repeat with such a young defense.

As a championship team we have to only think of advantages. We will have as much young talent as ever and if there is one place you want to be more veteran, it’s the defensive line. There’s plenty there.

Here’s to hoping Bo can fix our problems and use our strengths and that we can put a second ring on his finger sooner rather than later.