hurricane guiceIn Orgeron’s coaching debut, he definitely proved himself in a 42-7 win over Missouri. From the very start, it was pure domination on LSU’s side. It was as if we had a whole new playbook perfectly edited and professionalized. This game was by far the best offensive show I’ve seen LSU play all season. I saw sweeps and spreads and short passes to running backs, tight ends, and full backs. I saw screens, deep passes, and medium passes. We set our all-time record for most offensive yards against an SEC team.

With Fournette out for another week to rest two bad ankles, Derrius Guice and Darrel Williams proved up to the task of filling Fournette’s shoes. Both got three touchdowns. Guice ran 163 yards on 17 carries. My favorite run by Guice was one where he juked a few guys, beat two to the edge, and then hurdled into the end zone. Ed Orgeron later said, in his deep Cajun accent, it was just like one of Reggie Bush’s most famous runs against Fresno State. I say Guice is like a hurricane, unpredictable patterns with unrelenting force. Another surprising fact is that we got our first fourth quarter touchdown all year.

We also dominated in possession time with LSU holding the ball for 45 minutes and Missouri only getting it for 15 minutes. Danny Etling keeps improving and so have our special teams. We only punted three times (so we did not need great punts), we didn’t miss a single PAT, and we kicked it to the end zone twice.

The defense was the best yet again. T.D. White had yet another I.N.T., and we forced them to five first downs the whole game. Although we only managed to lay our hands on Drew Lock twice, we got a ton of pressure on him and were forcing three and outs. We had another fourth and one stand too. LSU’s defense has played a lot of good games but this by far was the best. When did an SEC team only get five first downs?

Charleston, SC (where I live) was forced to evacuate this week because of Hurricane Matthew. My dad and I were hoping to go see LSU play in Gainesville. Instead, we drove inland and are staying with family in Alabama. Most of my mom’s extended relatives live in Alabama even though my mom grew up in Louisiana. I’m praying that this doesn’t turn into a Katrina. The upside to the hurricane threat is that with school out and my own football practices canceled, I have lots of time at my grandparents’ house to blog.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Florida game. If we play like we did versus Missouri, I’m sure we’ll win. I’m not saying LSU will dominate like with Missouri but Florida’s 4-1 record doesn’t show enough. It doesn’t show that Florida has played three FCS teams. I think Florida will be tough as always but LSU has the odds. Florida’s roster has taken a hit with Del Rio back and the whole D-line out with injuries so the Florida we saw last week may not be the Florida we see on Saturday. I’m sure this will be a close game (as always) that is not decided till the clock is all zeros (as always).

Leonard Fournette might not play this Saturday again but I am alright with him missing some games, because I’ve seen Derrius Guice in full power. Fournette needs to be 110% ready to play against Alabama. In my opinion, Coach O is off to such an incredible start that if he leads LSU to victory over Alabama, he’s got himself a fifteen year contract. As long as Auburn loses one more SEC West game, we control our own destiny.  Its full steam ahead for our Tigers.

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