Hello Tiger fans! I’ve been so caught up in everything from the loss to the Irish, to the national championship, to signing day that I missed the chance to talk about the biggest off season coaching move for LSU. The firing of Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada and the hometown hiring of Steve Ensminger.

Matt Canada left LSU unceremoniously and soon landed at Maryland. This was a little strange since LSU’s OC from 2010, Gary Crowton, made the very same transition when he was let go from LSU. In any case, Canada was a good coach but his chemistry with Orgeron was in doubt from almost the very start. Furthermore, his results after one year didn’t exactly fill every expectation. I loved his offensive creativity and I think he would have gotten better with time but he didn’t bring us a win against Alabama which was what LSU fans desired more than anything else.

Now, Steve Ensminger may not be the big name, big money coordinator that Canada was, but he certainly is well trusted by Orgeron and that can go a very long way, especially with Orgeron who seems to value loyalty above all else. Ensminger has been a faithful coach for our tight ends since 2010, and an excellent recruiter as well. He grew up in Baton Rouge and played quarterback for LSU in the 70’s. He had good success as an interim two years ago but the most intriguing thing about Ensminger is the offense he plans to bring.

Just listen to his words, “I think we have to put three or four receivers on the field…I think we have to be an RPO (run pass option) team. I think we have to be a more fastball team. I think we have to go no huddle. That’s the direction we’re going.” Music to my ears!

For LSU fans who have been trapped in a basic run heavy playbook, even with Canada’s varied nuances, for so long this is a huge deal. In a college football world that is evolving so fast into RPOs and spread offenses, this is a very important step to our next championship trophy.

Myles Brennan and Lowell Narcisse are both quarterbacks who can lead this change and implement this new style of offense. Our newly acquired talent at receiver (Terrace Marshall, Ja’Marr Chase, and Texas Tech transfer, Jonathan Giles) along with talented veteran guys like Derrick Dillon, Drake Davis, Stephen Sullivan, and Dee Anderson, will make this year’s LSU offense downright scary. There will be no more goose eggs going up against that stingy Alabama defense. We will score points.

I appreciate Steve Ensminger using our strengths and weaknesses to our advantage and bringing in what LSU fans have been begging for. I’m excited.

Welcome to a new era in LSU football!

Geaux Tigers!