Hello Tiger fans. This may not be the cheerful and happy post that you’re used to, but I must announce the sad news of Billy Cannon’s death. This is a significant day to be a die-hard LSU alumni or fan. He was an LSU legend with a meaningful post-football career. There may never be another LSU Tiger quite like him. Tiger Nation thanks him for what he gave us and pray for the Cannon family.

His life was a long, interesting, and meaningful one. It was a life that should be remembered for generations. The glory, downfall, and redemption that makes up his story is the definition of who he is. The least we can do is re-watch that celebrated run on Halloween night in 1959 tonight as we remember him for the player and the person that he was.
Thank you Billy Cannon!

Until next time,

P.S. – The brevity of this article was not for lack of words or content, but to make the idea and conclusion perfectly clear I didn’t want to add stats or years that would distract from his character.