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From one LSU fan kid to another

The Ultimate Goal Since August

By Micah Neese--- Hello Tiger fans! Since the beginning of this year, we all had that special feeling that this team was different. The entire season we have been building to one goal and one game. To get there we knew there would be many challenges, but we’ve won...

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From Oklahoma to Peru

By Micah Neese--- Hello Tiger fans! What a complete, one sided, and convincing win for the Tigers. We surely earned our ticket to the national championship game for the first time in nine years. There was never a point in the game where the field looked level and the...

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By Micah Neese Hello Tiger fans! As the Tigers near the “final destination” the games get more and more exciting, the stakes rise higher and higher, and our performance continues to reach new levels. In years past, I dreaded big games because of the nerves, but...

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Tears in NYC

By Micah Neese This past Saturday night in New York City, Joe Burrow endeared himself to Tiger fans more than ever before. Already, for fourteen Saturdays leading up to his Heisman moment, Joe Burrow delivered Tiger nation one victory after another. It culminated on...

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First Ticket to the Playoff

By Micah Neese--- Hello Tiger fans! We stole back the number one spot which was rightfully ours in a complete 37-10 win over a top four opponent. We look like a championship team on all sides of the ball. We made Georgia play on our terms: passing the ball and looking...

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SEC Championship is Upon Us

Hello Tiger fans! This is the closest spread we’ve seen all season and undoubtedly the toughest defense we’ll see this year. This is already a heavily anticipated SEC championship as it features two top four teams. One will have to fall. I’m excited to see what Burrow...

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Single-Season Records by the Dozen

Hello Tiger fans! Tiger nation slept a little better after Saturday night’s win at home and there is less doubt in any fan’s mind that we’re right where we belong, headed into the last game of the season. LSU was helped by this Arkansas’ offense that lived up to every...

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Righting the Wrongs

By Micah Neese Hello Tiger fans! This week LSU will look to get it’s fifth ranked win in Baton Rouge under the lights. After the devastation that occurred last year, LSU is more than sufficiently prepared for this game and they are looking to rewrite the history that...

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10 Straight Wins and Now the Boot

By Micah Neese--- Hello Tiger fans! As we go into the eleventh game of the season undefeated for the first time since 2011, our momentum is completely unhindered, dangerous for anyone in our way. The 2-8 Arkansas Razorbacks provide a chance to rest a few players who...

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Top Dawg in the SEC

Hello Tiger fans! After such a big win last week, I was refreshed by our ability storm out at the first whistle, get back to business, and keep moving. The road isn’t over, so it’s important to pay close attention to every opponent that is looking to pull a...

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